Risk Management

Helping Real Estate Agents and Brokers

Risk Management


Real estate brokers and agents are presented with legal issues everyday. How they deal with these issues can determine if a deal closes or if a lawsuit ensues. To help ensure that these issues result in the closing of the deal, it is helpful to have an experienced attorney to advise you along the way.

For the past seven years, Chris has counseled hundreds, if not thousands, of real estate agents and brokers on legal issues arising during the course of their transactions. By seeking advice early, theses brokers and agents have been able to steer clear of legal pitfalls. As a result, these brokers and agents have been able to close more transactions and avoid costly disputes.

Since each client’s needs are unique, Chris can create a risk management package consisting of any of the following services:

  • Telephonic consultations –Chris is available for consultation concerning issues that arise during the course of a transaction, including but not limited to disclosure obligations, contract issues, compliance with laws and regulations, etc.
  • Document Review – Brokers and agents can send Chris documents relating to a pending transaction for his review and comment. 
  • Drafting of Disclosures – If a broker or agent has questions or concerns about how to disclose certain items, Chris is available to assist, whether it is drafting a clause or an entire disclosure.  
  • Responses to Demand Letters – If a broker or agent receives a demand letter from an attorney concerning a current or former transaction, Chris will write a letter on behalf of the broker or agent in an attempt to avoid litigation and a claim against the company’s E&O insurance.
  • Releases – If an issue arises during the course of a transaction and is subsequently resolved through the payment of money, Chris will prepare a specially-tailored release in order to ensure that the broker and agent are properly covered against future claims by the settling parties.   
  • Seminars for Brokerages – Staying fully informed of new laws and ongoing trends is important for all real estate companies in avoiding disputes and claims.  Chris is available to provide seminars to brokerages on these topics and several more.  Some recent topics have been “Common Risk Management Issues” and “Avoiding Pitfalls in Short Sale Transactions.”  


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